Student bus fares extended to language students

English language students can now have the same bus prices as all other students when using the Tallinja bus card, Malta Public Transport announced earlier this month.

The registration of these students for the tallinja card was discussed between FELTOM (the Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations Malta), Malta Public Transport, and the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Monitoring Board.

IELS students younger than 16 or any students attending a course for longer than 90 days can register for a student card. All other English language students aged 16 and over can apply for an adult card and benefit from the reduced fares with no extra registration cost for the card.

Bus tickets normally cost €2 for each journey, and are only valid for 2 hours. However, Tallinja card holders only pay 75c for each journey and a maximum of €26 per month. Student Tallinja card holders have an even better deal, paying maximum €21 each month.

Students of EFL schools can apply online at for their Tallinja card.