Student Testimonial - Taisia

"When I decided to come to Malta to learn English I had a problem: which school should I choose? IELS Gozo! Why IELS? Because it's one of the best English schools in Malta. And why Gozo? It's a magnificent place: peaceful, beautiful and quiet.

I've been here for 3 weeks and have no regrets about my choice. Wonderful teachers who give you plenty of opportunity, not only to speak, but also to get to know more grammar and more words. Lessons go by very fast!

If you stay at the residence you don't need to wake up early in the morning - a quick journey downstairs and you're in class! Also after school you can walk to the rocky beach nearby and enjoy the gorgeous sea.

During my studies I met so many interesting people from all over the world. We went on fun excursions together by bus to different beaches and the Azure window and on Segway tours. If you don't know what to do you can ask the Gozitan locals who are so friendly.

Thank you IELS Gozo for this unbelievable holiday!!"

Taisiia Nadiradze, Russia