Student Testimonial - Benoit

Hi everyone!  I’m Benoit.  I’m from Marseille, France.  I’ve been in Gozo for 2 weeks and it was a really good trip for me – I’ve met a lot of people from different countries and it was great to share this experience with them. There were no other French people with me on this island and I’m pretty sure I’ve improved my English speaking thanks to the school.

My host family was very friendly and I got on really well with my two flat-mates.  One was from Brazil and the other was from Poland.  Last week there was a traditional “festa” in our village and almost all the school met up on the roof of our guest house to see the fireworks.

I’ve not only improved my English here in Gozo but also my swimming skills! I’ve been to the beach several times and on a boat trip too.  As I can’t swim very well the boat driver lent me a life jacket so I could jump into the water with the others…

I really enjoyed my holiday – see you next time everybody!