IELS Gozo has been open for 3 weeks already!

It’s always a gentle start to the season and so far in 2016, 30% of our students have been repeaters. These students are clever and know that our classes are even smaller at this time than the maximum 10 student limit. They also know that our teachers are fresh and enthusiastic after 4 months of rest during the winter!

We had a good mix of different nationalities this week; Colombian, Italian, Thai, German and Spanish. We took this opportunity for plenty of pronunciation work; focusing on stressed syllables, playing vowel dominoes and getting that tongue between the teeth for the famous ‘th’ sound while trying not to laugh :o)

Meanwhile in the village, I took a stroll around the new Saturday market which now comes every 2 weeks and sells scarves and shoes and all kinds of bits and pieces. A group had set up a stall where people were invited to design a fish out of clay. These will be set into the steps next to the Grand Hotel where so many of our students stay.