Do you wonder if Gozo is the place for you to spend your holiday, study and relax?

IELS Gozo is even more than that. Of course our students, very often insecure about their language skills, get a chance to improve but this is not all. From the first day of their visit we do our best to keep them active, happy and positive.


Our small community is like a family, where you are a friend and you make friends - for days, months and even for a lifetime.

Happy faces, laughter and lots of English speaking.

iels gozo

With us, you have a chance to overcome your boundaries and get to know yourself better.

kayaking gozo

Our friends are often nervous of activities they have never tried before but in a short time their eyes reveal excitement, enthusiasm and joy.
Exploring the beauty of our small Island is just part of a bigger adventure which will stay in your memory for years.

gozo activities

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