Bays to visit this Summer in Gozo

Gozo might just be the most colourful island in the Mediterranean. It’s an island of incredible landscapes – from huge imposing cliffs to beautiful sandy beaches.
Whether it’s a picnic with friends on the sand, sharing a Gozitan ftira on the rocks, or just sitting by the edge of the water for a few hours of solitary contemplation, Gozo bays are a sanctuary for those in need of some serenity.

We’ve put together a gallery featuring 7 spectacular Gozo scenes you won’t want to miss.

1. San Blas Bay

One of Gozo’s hidden gems, a small sandy beach near Nadur with shallow clear waters, surrounded by citrus fruit trees and well-tended fields. A steep downhill walk but possible to get a jeep lift up and down for a few euro if you just can’t face it.

San Blas

2. Qbajjar salt pans

This area is fantastic for taking photos all year round – salt-pans filled with water and cloud reflections during stormy weather and at other times with sparkling salt and moody shadows. Some nice restaurants and a lovely spot for swimming too.

Qbajjar Salt Pans

3.Ghasri Valley

An intriguing narrow passage of water leading to the deep blue sea – you have to know where it is to find it and we are not telling you until you come to visit us!

Ghasri Valley

4.Kenuna Tower in Nadur

From this rather eye-catching landmark you can look out across the fields towards Malta and Comino – lush views at the beginning and end of the season, filled with small delicate flowers and humming insects. Look at the beautiful stone work that goes into these low rubble walls.

Nadur tower

5.Fungus Rock at Dwejra

A natural heritage site and protected area, Dwejra is famous for its dramatic seascapes and rocky shoreline. It’s also where people head to catch the most amazing sunsets – you might be able to join a late afternoon yoga class at sundown or just sit and contemplate the beauty with a glass of wine.

Fungus rock

6.Xlendi Cliffs

This area has a fairly small beach but there are many sunbathing spots dotted around the bay as well as stunning cliffs and glowing yellow rocks shaped over the years by wind and sea. Xlendi has many restaurants to choose from after a lazy day sunbathing or returning from a leg stretching hike.

Xlendi Cliffs

7.Mgarr ix-Xini

A charming little bay, recently the setting for the film By the Sea with Brad Pitt and the lovely Angelina. Sadly, not a great box office success but post movie, the bay has returned to being off-the-beaten track and popular with snorkelers and divers – just one fish restaurant and surrounded by lovely walks in all directions.

Mgarr ix xini